Kindness Credit Conversion

Slave Tokens are FIAT Currency – Pounds £, $ Dollars, € Euro, for example.

1 x ∞KC = £8.00 | 2 x ∞KC = £16.00 | 3 x ∞KC = £24.00 | 4 x ∞KC = £32.00, etc…

Convert Slave Tokens to ∞KC by purchasing A ∞KC Gift Card.

Example: Your invoice for a ‘One Day Wordpress Course’ = £200 in UK pounds, it will be 10% Cheaper by paying with ∞KC. So you purchase A £180 ∞KC Gift Card, and redeem it here in my Shop when settling your invoice.

Less Slavery is required from Your Valuable Time and Energy, to be able to afford my items or services.

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