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Im trying a new way to teach, creating community focused learning courses, with one set cost and how much you contribute to the cost of the course, depends on how many others we can get to join in with us. I say us, because I am just as involved in the learn/teach process, as any of my students. No class or course goes by without the teacher being taught and learning some valuable teaching lessons! 😉

Example: My 14 Day WordPress / Web Design Tuition Course cost price is: £2800.00 for 14 days, or 112 hours spread over 14 days (flexible timetable intended)

If I have 10 students, each student maybe able to afford different contributions, so Students 1-6 can all afford £400 each as a contribution to the course costs covered so far are: = £2400, and the remainder of the cost of the course is: = £400. The other 4 students only need to pay £100 each for the remainder of the course costs.

Each student can split the cost of my course, as you see fit. The more of your friends you get to join us, the cheaper it will be for you!

To Start, the WordPress Courses will be taught online, which will be new for me, I am willing to give it a go, will you join me? 🙂

My preferred Teaching is always in the classroom, but that is not always possible, and the world seems to be very used to getting online after the last few years. Its a new venture for me, but together we can work out the best processes and learning outcomes for all of us.

Face to face in person learning is always the best way to succeed. Any Venue Hire for Face-to-Face Training and my Travel Costs will be extra, dependant on everyones requirements at the time. Happy to travel to any location. If you have a local community centre, office space, or large enough venue for up to a maximum 14 people for the WordPress Courses (smaller class sizes are always better) then lets book a course. And of course, 1-2-1 Classes and Courses are always available. Sometimes one-to-one is the only way for some.

Venues must have good internet, desks/tables and facilities for food, drinks and breaks, parking is always useful. Open to doing residential gatherings, where we stay for the duration. Students must have own laptop or desktop for the duration of the course. WordPress is all completed online, so internet is essential.

1 Day, 2 Day, 3 Day, 7 Day or 14 Day WordPress Courses are my Offerings. My day rate is £200, no matter how many students.

All my years of teaching, theres always students who cant afford the full price, and sometimes thats been me 😉 So I know what it’s like, to want to learn something that you just can’t afford the full price of. I also believe that charging large amounts of money for each individual student, like most mainstream education establishments, which I have also taught in, is not the way forward anymore. How can education be inclusive when the cost of learning does nothing but exclude? Community learning and teaching is the way forward…

And don’t forget, I also teach Yoga! 😉 A days computer work should always start with a Yoga Session, it counteracts all that sitting and preps your mind for the days work ahead…

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